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Krista is a Breastfeeding Pinay

July 26, 2011

Movie and TV personality Krista Ranillo and husband Niño Jefferson Lim, welcomed son Nick Jacob last April 5 in California, USA.  As Nick Jacob, or NJ, weighed 8.6 pounds and 20 inches long in birth, people were surprised to see Krista back in her svelte figure.

Her secret?  Breastfeeding.

Krista said that even while pregnant, she read up on books about expecting and giving birth.  She learned how breastfeeding makes one use up a lot of calories and makes the body go back to pre-pregnancy weight.

Apart from reading books, she also attended  classes.

“Lahat yun ginawa ko, wala akong ginawa kundi mag-attend ng mga child-birth class, breastfeeding, lahat. Talagang alam mo yung  pinrepare ko talaga ang sarili ko for a different life na.”

Krista shared that Niño helps with changing the diapers and taking care of NJ.

Congratulations to Krista and Niño for making the choice to breastfeed!

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