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Save the Babies: Protest on Recall and Recant of Mead Johnson

September 23, 2010

Save the Babies Coalition, a group of individuals and NGOs that work to promote, support and protect breastfeeding practice in the country, has released the following statement in response to the recall of Mead Johnson’s sub-standard products:

Save the Babies Coalition registers our rage over the recant of the Acting Director Nazarita Tacandong of Food and Drug Administration in last night TV newscast September 22, 2010 saying “It is safe to use these products”.

The Recall on the dangerous products of Mead Johnson’s Alactagrow Bibo trio and Sustagen Jr. bespeak of its nutrient defieciency of fat contents. It showed that Mead Johnson wrongly disseminated its nutritional and health claims of “resistensiya builders” and “all around health”.

It is a case of misbranding.

Mead Johnson cheated the Filipino consumers.

Based on scientific evidences upheld by Codex Alimentarius that fatty acids deficiency affects the nervous system and brain development of the infants and young children.

Furthermore, Sustagen Jr. product certification registry at FDA – Food and Drug Administration already expired last May,2010 due to non-compliance of Codex Alimentarius and Philippine laws.

Our Constitional law protects us in its aim that ” Anything that endangers the life of an individual is a criminal act”.

Both Mead Johnson President Paul Richards and FDA Acting Secretary is responsible and accountable for gross deception to the Filipino people.”

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